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Rail & Safety Critical

Keep your team or career on track, with the leading experts in rail recruitment. 

Our award-winning consultants are experienced in filling vacancies across the rail and safety critical sector.


Built Environment

Create strong foundations for your team or career with our team of specialist consultants. 

We’re experts in recruiting at all levels. We can find you candidates or roles within the largest construction companies.

Engineering Manufacturing B

Engineering & Manufacturing

If you need an engineering recruitment solution that’s expertly put together, we can help. 

Fusion People’s dedicated recruitment teams across the country can find your perfect
next role.


IT & Support Services

We have roles and candidates for a wide range of IT and service roles from all industries. 

Our recruitment consultants will look to place you or find candidates in a role that suits your needs and career objectives.

What Our Candidates Say

The Fusion People Candidate Charter

Fusion People set out to provide all candidates with the best experience possible. We know that the quality of service we provide is important to you. We aim to build mutually beneficial working relationship, providing all candidates with the best experience and professional service.

  • Recruitment staff will actively look for work on your behalf either if it is your first placement or/and when your placement comes to an end; introducing you to the right position
  • Before we submit your details to any client your permission will be sought and the role discussed
  • We will not misrepresent you
  • Prompt payment will be made as outlined in our timesheets procedure
  • All legislation will be adhered to, from Home Office Regulations with identification and residency status verification to HMRC Regulations
  • Strict Quality Assurance process will be observed and qualifications, memberships, references will be verified
  • Follow The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations as well as the Association of Professional Staffing Companies Code of Conduct setting out best practices


  • Updates on any application progress will be given on a regular basis, including feedback wherever available and constructive advice offered where appropriate
  • Phone calls, messages and emails will be responded to within 1-2 working days wherever feasible
  • Payroll queries will be addressed in a timely manner
  • Your details will be kept securely and confidentially at all times in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998
  • Fusion People is committed to be an equal opportunities employer, valuing the diversity of our employees, workers and applicants and ensuring that its services are barrier-free and as inclusive as possible to everyone.

In return, we are expecting from you the following commitments:

  • The information you give us will be true and factual at all times
  • You will attend interviews or placements on time, letting us know promptly if you are delayed or become unavailable
  • Open and honest feedback on both our service and experience with a client
  • Discuss any issues with our service with your consultant, however if necessary our escalation process will be


Opting Out Of Conduct Regulations

The opt out was designed originally to give a choice to highly skilled, professional personnel who wanted to operate as limited companies due to tax advantages but may not have wanted to be governed by the Regulations.

The Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003 (Conduct Regulations) automatically protect any work-seekers who are placed on assignment by an employment business.

One of the key rights under the Conduct Regulations is that a work-seeker is entitled to be paid for the work which they have carried out, irrespective of whether the employment business has been or expects to be paid by the client for that work. This pseudo-employment protection is often considered to be unsuitable for limited company contractors who intend to provide their services outside of IR35; a significant indicator of IR35 status is whether the contractor takes genuine commercial risk when performing their assignment and, if the contractor is guaranteed to be paid irrespective of any defects or deficiencies in their services, it is arguable that the contractor is not really taking any commercial risk at all.

For this reason, professional contractors will often waive their protection under the Conduct Regulations by signing an Opt Out. There is, of course, no guarantee that Opting Out of the Conduct Regulations would make the difference between a contractor being inside or outside of IR35. However, if a contractor has Opted Out, this can only assist their position in the event of an investigation into the contractor’s employment status.

This outline is given for information purposes only and individual situations are unique. Independent advice should be sought from an accounting or tax professional in all cases.

If you wish to opt out of the Conduct of Employment Agencies and Employment Businesses Regulations 2003, please complete the request form below/leave your details and a member of the Administration team will be in touch:


Fusion People remain fully committed to supporting our contractors in what is an already challenging landscape.

IR35 is HMRC tax legislation that ensures LTD (PSC) company contractors are not operating as self-employed contractors in order to avoid paying National Insurance and Employee level tax. 

For further information or to answer any queries please contact our specialist IR35 response team

Our approved suppliers have undergone a stringent assessment process and are regularly audited to protect both us and you.

Since April 2021, end-clients have been required to specify whether an assignment is inside or outside of IR35 before you start work and we will make the status of the assignment clear to you when discussing contracting opportunities.


If your assignment is deemed to be outside the scope of IR35 by the client, we will pay you gross of income tax and national insurance and your PSC will be responsible for making the right tax and national insurance payments.

If your assignment is deemed to be inside of IR35, you will be required to choose a compliant model through which we engage you for the duration of the assignment as Fusion People will be required to deduct income tax and national insurance from your pay and pay this to HMRC. Your options will be:

Payrolled by Fusion People under a contract for services on a PAYE basis (not via your limited company) with deductions made at source.

Payrolled by Fusion People via your limited company with income tax and national insurance deducted at source.

Engage with a Fusion People approved umbrella company:

Paystream –

Exact Payroll – 

PAYE Guidelines

LTD Guidelines

Training Centre

Our state of the art training centre offers a wide range of rail training from Safety Critical to Mental Health training.