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Managing work related stress - Stress Awareness Month

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April 2021 is all about Stress Awareness. Stress Awareness Month has been held since 1992, but ultimately there’s still a long way to go as many adults in the UK are frequently feeling the pressure. The modern ways of the world can undoubtedly cause tension, and that has in no way lessened throughout the events of the last year or so. The Mental Health Foundation revealed that a huge 74% of adults in the UK have felt so stressed at some point over the last year they felt overwhelmed or unable to cope, unsurprisingly.

The pandemic has created endless reasons to be stressed, but also more reasons to be grateful. Although your job might be stressful sometimes, you’re glad that you have it. It’s just important to remember to manage your stress levels where you can – there is enough going on in the world right now and you don’t need your work to add to potential stress levels.

Here is our guide to help you handle work-related stress:

Start your day off right

Starting off your day in the best way can play a big factor in how the rest of it is going to go. Without any proper order in the mornings, the school run, rushing your breakfast and traffic can mean that you are stressed out before you even start work. Plan your morning better, not snoozing your alarm so many times, a nutritional breakfast and a positive attitude can help to send you off in a much better mood. Take control from the moment you wake up!

Stop multitasking

Of course, it’s sometimes unavoidable, but more structure and facing just one task at a time will help to stop you from feeling overloaded. You may even find that you actually get more done and are just in general, more efficient with work. Be strict with your time management and don’t take on too much in one go.

Stay organised

Whether in your workplace or working from home, staying organised is a key part of any day. Take it back to basics with to-do lists, and planning your day the best that you can. Set yourself mini-deadlines throughout the day, and if you are working remotely then this will help you to feel more structured and motivated.

Fresh air             

Although it’s tempting to skip your lunch break (especially when you’ve got a lot on) this is probably the worst thing you can do! On the days that you feel the most stressed, a walk in some fresh air and treating yourself to a coffee or your favourite lunch will make you feel ready to dive back into your afternoon tasks. Take care of yourself.

Voice your concerns

If your workload is taking a toll on you, speak up. If you’re too stressed or too overworked, then your performance good drop, and nobody wants that! Speak to your boss, or to HR. Sometimes venting out loud can solve all your problems imminently, but if not, these are the people that are there to help you and find solutions to what’s making you feel stressed.  

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