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This new railway line will connect Euston to Birmingham with High Speed Train that will bring the UK in line with the rest of Europe. Phase 2 aims to extend this to Sheffield and Leeds, connecting London to the North through this High Speed Network.

The High Speed railway project will bring the same super-fast trains found across Europe to the UK, initially connecting London Euston and Birmingham and cutting down significantly on journey times between the two. Plans are still to be finalised, but the Department for Transport expect both phases of the line to be open by 2026 and cost £43 billion.

What the project aims to do:

Many trains are unable to exceed the 200mph speed as a result of the tracks not having been updated since their installation in the Victorian period. To improve journey times between the North and South and increase the capacity on these key connections, this High Speed Railway offers the solution. The aim is to cut travel time between London Euston and Birmingham by a staggering 32 minutes and offer much more space for commuters.

High Speed Railway connectionsThe high speed railway will be developed in two phases: the first will connect London Euston to the re-developed Birmingham Curzon station. Once this link has been established, a Y-shaped line will be built connecting Birmingham to Manchester Airport and Leeds, making it simple for people to move quickly between London and these Northern powerhouses.


New trains will be custom built for this high speed line that are over 400metres in length and accommodate significantly more passengers than existing trains. The updates to the line will enable the service to run with much more frequency, up to 14 times an hour in each direction.

Here are the expected journey times:

hs2 expected journey times


The technical demands of creating a railway that can reach speeds of over 250mph is an extensive project that will open up more than 70,000 jobs for workers across the UK. These roles will be in construction, engineering and station-supporting positions, with one Minster claiming the West Midlands section alone will provide 40,000 new jobs for the area.

With the first high speed rail connection of its kind between London and the North, trade between the two areas will be much easier. The ease with which journeys can be made between London and the North should contribute to economic growth in both areas and help the Northern powerhouse continue to grow. 

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